Our Personalized Clothing Services are arranged by appointment only so that you are given the attention and time you deserve. As you relax in a comfortable atmosphere with our designers and discuss your wardrobe needs over a drink or cup of coffee, be prepared for a luxury shopping experience that will exceed all expectations.

The Artists

Dakota G. Grady

Owner – Designer

Dakota’s interest in fashion began early in his life and proved to only be the beginning sparks for his career in design. After 4 years of intense training, trial by error, and a desire to start a made-to-measure shop in the St. Louis area, Noble Luxury Brands was founded in 2018.

For Dakota, being in men’s fashion is a calling, as well as a career, and he displays this belief through the care and attention to detail he provides to every client and every order. The His designs are built on the values of unmatched quality, exquisite design, and the simple belief that every garment should, ultimately, be a joy to wear.

Apart from his work, Dakota enjoys a fine cigar, choice Tequila, and experiencing all St. Louis has to offer.

Shiloh L. Kirchhoff

Culture Curator

Shiloh Kirchhoff’s journey as a culture curator extends beyond her love for fashion. As a skilled event planner specializing in noble luxury brands, she orchestrates immersive experiences that fuse art, fashion, and community. Drawing from her upbringing in Los Angeles, where she was immersed in artistic expressions through clothing, Shiloh infuses each event with a sense of curated elegance. Her background in modeling and artistry enables her to craft experiences that transcend mere aesthetics, delving into the essence of self-expression.

In her interactions with bespoke clothing clients, Shiloh goes beyond mere transactions, seeking to understand the essence of each individual. By tapping into their unique personalities and aspirations, she curates personalized styles that become statements of empowerment. Through her events and collaborations, Shiloh not only showcases the allure of noble luxury brands but also fosters a sense of belonging within the community, where self-expression is celebrated as a powerful tool for achieving innermost desires.

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