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With the best international fabrics and tailors at our fingertips, we make designing and creating your new pieces a comfortable and enjoyable process.

Providing the best Fir & Make for your scene

We offer our garments in two different makes: Black and Gold. Depending on your sartorial needs, each make has an extensive collection of fabrics to choose from based off your lifestyle, tastes, and preferences.

BLACK make
GOLD make

Black Make

Our ‘Black’ make starts with the canvas, where we believe it matters the most. This make features woven horse hair half-canvas pieces for the chest and lapel along with hand stitched interior linings, pockets, lapels, and any personal details you choose. 

This make tends to be a favorite among those who are searching for a versatile garment. With a softer construction and a natural drape, you can commission this garment make for almost any occasion and be confident it will meet your needs and expectations. 

Gold Make

This is the pièce de résistance’ at Noble Luxury Brands. Featuring complete artisan handwork throughout, an Italian high Count Hymo Canvas chest piece, and our top luxury fabrics, our ‘Gold’ make garment is truly designed for the sartorial male. 

Designed for your Scene

We work with clients in both the casual and professional scene, and depending on your industry and lifestyle, we help you define what a professional, well-designed wardrobe means for you.

Ranging among linens, cottons, wools, and blends, you can be at peace knowing you will have a variety of garment choices and can achieve the image you have always desired.

Be Your

Best Self

We strive to make every client feel confident and well dressed in any situation.

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