Petermann x Wilkerson

by | Apr 23, 2024

We had the opportunity of meeting with a tremendously special couple from St. Louis; Jens Petermann and Brieana Wilkerson whom were the very first to work with Noble Luxury Brands as a couple. Jens and Brie are a young couple taking over Saint Louis with their focus and determination. Routine is important to them and with a lot of time spent at work, they make time doing the things they love including frequenting a few particular bars and restaurants, building legos and spending time with their friends, family and beloved cats. Having an easy going life outside of work is a priority for this dynamic couple. Naturally, Noble Luxury Brands had to get to know them better with asking a few questions.



As a client advisor and fleet manager with Autohaus BMW for several years, we wanted to know what has influenced his career and mindset. Jens Petermann is continuing the legacy of his father as a consummate BMW salesman. “I am a first generation American. My parents are German natives. I have dual citizenship (USA and German) and speak German at home. My parents are a good example of the American Dream.” Jens shared his motivations and personality with Noble Luxury Brands this winter, and his personable demeanour shows his drive for timelessness that transcends both his salesmanship and wardrobe.

Despite coastal elegance, Jens is loyal to what St. Louis has to offer with its MidWest mindset and pace that is conducive to the life he wants to live. He shared his favourite quote with us to help gather insight into who he is, “Speak only to improve the silence.”- Gandhi. If you know Jens, you’ll understand why. His persona is discreet and deliberate; he is never the loudest person in the room.
Inquiring with Jens about what one of his biggest takeaways are while building his business, he replied, “I learned that being someone I’d want to buy from is the best way to a) sell a car and b) have them come back to you time and time again. That is worth more than a quick, dishonest sale. What has more of an influence over me is helping all of the clients that have stayed with us for several decades. Local executives, doctors, lawyers… you name it.”

We asked Jens how he would describe his wardrobe, and why he chose to work with Noble Luxury Brands. “My wardrobe is simple and timeless with the occasional Cardinals, Blues, or Bengals gear…I chose Noble Luxury Brands when a friend referred me to Dakota. I saw a beautiful blue suit he made for him and had to have one of my own. My wardrobe has grown by a few suits and shirts in the last few years. I’ve been going to Noble and will certainly keep growing my collection.”

To contact:

Jens Petermann, Fleet Manager/Client Advisor
(314) 880-8409
Autohaus BMW
3015 S Hanley Rd
St. Louis, MO 63143


Saint Louis’ very own Brieana Wilkerson, a licensed Esthetician, has been creating her own Book of Business at Ginger Bay Salon for several years. With a love of sharing her education on how to achieve and maintain happy and healthy skin, Brie showcases her talent not only through her work but through her style and personal experience as well. Despite her success as an Esthetician, Brie would like to be known for being the best wife, sister, daughter, and friend to those she holds dear.
We wanted to know more about why Brie chose to live and work in Saint Louis, and why she chose to be a licensed esthetician, “The world of esthetician is forever changing at a fast pace. There is always something new to learn. Why not do it in Saint Louis, the place I know and love?” Finding a career that would make Brieana happy was a huge priority for her. It took her several years to find that Esthetician was the career for her, Brie prevails in the work she has done so far.

Noble Luxury Brands wanted to know what quote stood out to Brieana throughout her journey to gather insight into who she is: “the same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. It’s about what you’re made of, not the circumstances.” We dug deeper into what her biggest takeaway is in building her business. She replied, “take the damn lunch break!” -We agree Brieana!

Inside and out of Brieana’s career, she dresses to impress. She divulged that her closet is mostly simple and warm. “My first suit was a graduation gift to myself from Noble Luxury Brands.” After she went back to school and found her passion, Brieana wanted a symbolic way to show that she was ready to take the esthetic world on… she ended her answer with, “I’ll do it in a damn good suit.”

To contact:

Brieana Wilkerson , Licensed Esthetician
Ginger Bay Salon and Spa
Kirkwood, MO 63122

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